Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub DisplayPort™ 1.2 Dual Monitor
Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub DisplayPort™ 1.2 Dual Monitor

Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub DisplayPort™ 1.2 Dual Monitor

CSV-5200 - The Club3D SenseVision MST Hubs utilize Multi Stream Transport, a unique DisplayPort™ 1.2 feature that creates the ability to transport multiple independent uncompressed display (and audio) streams over a single cable, supporting protected content and high performance applications such as 3D gaming. This enables the use of multiple monitors connected by MST hub configuration. The Club3D MST Hubs is able to distribute those video streams to the connected screens. The Club3D MST Hubs do not increase the bandwidth of DisplayPort™ 1.2 outputs, but it enbales the optimal use of it.

DisplayPort™ Dual Mode
Also known as DP++, is a feature which enables the output of single-link DVI and HDMI™ signals from the DP output. Passive adapters should be used to convert to HDMI™ and/or DVI connectors.

When using a DisplayPort™ 1.1 video card the MST hub will act as a splitter, automatically mirroring your video source across all displays.

Give your device more Displays
Get more from your Ultrabook, Microsoft Surface Pro tablet or Intel NUC with (mini) DisplayPort™ 1.2 output. The MST Hub is affordable, flexible and meets the demands of any power user who requires multiple displays to get their work done. A CAC-1110 Mini DP to DP adapter is included for maximum compatibility with Mini DP enabled platforms like the Surface Pro and NUC product families.  

Ultimate in Color and Image Quality
MST Hubs are the best option for photography, graphic design, media creation and editing as well as other color critical applications. Only DisplayPort™ supports 10 bit video output. MST hubs support input pixel data depth 6/8/12 bit and support output pixel format RGB444.

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Product Name: Club 3D Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub DisplayPort 1-2
Product Series: SenseVision
Item Code: CSV-5200
EAN Code: 8717249400851
UPC code: 854365005787
DisplayPort 1.2a Hub 1-2
DP Hub 1-2 has an external 5V power through the USB supply.
Output Configuration
DisplayPort 1.2a x 2
In the package
Club 3D Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub
Instruction manual
Mini-Displayport to Displayport Adapter (CAC-1110)
DisplayPort 1.2a supports up to twice the bandwidth of DisplayPort 1.1a (HBR). High Bit-rate 2 (HBR2) provides up to 5.4Gbps/lane of bandwidth, or up to 21.6Gbps in a full four-lane configuration. This lends itself very well to many applications that require ultra-high bandwidth.
The Club 3D MST Hubs support the following Operating Systems:
▪ Windows 10 32-bit Version
▪ Windows 10 64-bit Version
▪ Windows 8.1 32-bit Version
▪ Windows 8.1 64-bit Version



Developed in the 1990s, USB has become the most successful computing interface yet. The throughput has improved from 1.5Mbps to 10Gbps through standards evolution 
1998 USB 1.x Low Speed LS 1.5Mbps Full Speed FS 12Mbps
2000 USB 2.0 High Speed HS 480 Mbps FS/LS
2001 USB on the Go USB 2.0 OTG Master / Slave configurable 
2008 USB 3.0 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Super Speed SS 5Gbps / HS/ FS / LS
2013 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Super Speed +  SS+ 10Gbps SS/HS/FS/LS
2014 USB Type C USB 10Gbps DP 8.1Gbps and Power 100 W

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