11-Jan-12 // Hardwareluxx.de Excellent award for GeForce GTX 560Ti BF3 LE


Hardwareluxx concludes:

Club 3D went full throttle in the recent weeks and months.
This graphics card performs well and is surprisingly quiet when it's turned on.
Idle noise level measures 39,1 dB(A), while under load it stays under 41,8 dB(A). It truely is a quiet graphics card.

If we look at other manufacturers, you will find that their models will either have been outfitted with the reference cooler, or with cooling solutions offered by leading manufacturers such as Arctic Cooling and Thermalright. Club 3D goes its own way here.

Since our review model runs at standard clock speeds, we pushed the GPU, shaders and memory during our overclocking tests to their limits. With 955 MHz for GPU, 1910 MHz for shader and 2278 MHz memory clock speeds, we were able to accelerate the small graphics card considerably (its length is only 17 cm, significantly shorter than reference design models), it remained going strong.

The potential is definetely there. Other similar product that we've tested, we were usually only able to get the GPU clock speed to 930 MHz.

Also in the bundled accessories Club 3D made a huge improvement. In addition to the graphics card itself, Club 3D included a game voucher of the full version of the Battlefield 3 game, a quick install guide, a driver CD and a door knob hanger. Club 3D also provided us with a Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter.

The additional cost of 30 Euro compared to the cheapest model is justified.
For the GeForce GTX 560Ti Battlefield 3 Limited Edition, Club 3D receives the Hardwareluxx excellent hardware award.


  • Quiet operation in 2D and 3D load
  • Extensive accesory bundle
  • Above average overclocking potential
  • Shorter than reference design


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