05-Apr-11 // Cdrinfo.com recommends Club 3D`s Radeon HD 6950 1GB as best value in the $ 250 segment.

Compared to the 2GB version of the HD 6950, the 1GB version seems to perform equally unless you play with AA enabled. In this case, you likely better off with the more expensive HD 6950 2GB.

Without any doubt, our Club 3D HD 6950 1GB sample outperformed the Nvidia GTX 460, GTX 470 and the AMD HD 5850 and HD6850, HD 5870 cards. So if you are having one of these cards and you thinking of an upgrade, you can safely go for it.

The Club3D HD 6950 1GB is a gaming powerhouse in the category of mid-range graphics cards. As it currently stands, there is no better value than Radeon HD 6950 GPU 1GB video card in this "sweet spot" of ~$250. If you are gaming at 1920x1200 or lower and you are on a budget, the Club3D HD 6950 1GB version should be your choice.“

Product page: Radeon HD 6950 (CGAX-69524F)

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