04-Feb-11 // Club 3D is awarded Price/Performance on the Radeon HD 6850

Hardwareluxx judges: „Club 3D HD 6850: solid card without a lot of knick-knack but for a fair pricing and therefore is awarded our price/performance winner.“ „Club 3D decided to go for a modified model of the Radeon HD 6850 right from the beginning and did not choose to take a reference model into their portfolio. They have worked therefore on the cooling, the clock speed remains untouched.

With a pricing of 160 Euro the Club 3D Radeon HD 6850 is the most affordable card in the review, at the same time the only one with overclocking. The missing overclocking leads to a GPU speed of 775 MHz for the Club 3D HD Radeon 6850. The memory is working at 1000 MHz. For those specs Club 3D is following the references of AMD. It looks different coming to the cooling. Here they choose an alternative to the reference cooler and are betting on lower temperatures and less noise.

Similar to the DirectCu-Cooling of Asus 3 copper heatpipes are placed directly on the GPU. This way the waste heat can be transported easily tot he major heatsink. A 75-mm fan is responsible for the fresh air. … Coming to the slotbracket the card shows all outputs that modern cards need to have: Dual-Link-DVI, HDMI and Display Port. Looking at the perfomance the Radeon HD 6850 from Club 3D is on the level of any Radeon HD 6850 because of the missing overclocking. Much better it comes out looking at the colling. Especially under load this cooler managest o lower the temperature in comparison to the reference cooler by 5 degrees Celsius. Some more scores it gets because the loudness under load is below the noise level of the reference cooler as well.“

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