25-Mar-13 // Club 3D Radeon HD 7790: Great Value Award from Guru3D

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The regular Radeon HD 7790 cards and bundles will sell at roughly 149 USD & 139 EUR. That is of course the regular reference models, as the factory faster clocked and customized 3rd party cooler editions will be more expensive.

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The nice paradox is that the Club3D 13 Series should be a notch cheaper. We may expect to find this 1 GB model for roughly 129 EUR / 139 USD in (r)etail and that's including VAT. And that's what the 13 Series is about, get the most for as little money as possible. For that money you will receive a nice graphics card that can play all the latest games at acceptable image quality settings with very acceptable framerates, especially at a resolution of 1600x1200 it's golden for the money. You will benefit from the 1GHz+ clock frequency. Combined with a cooler that keeps the product silent and chilled down to excellent temps you will not have anything to complain about really. I'll keep stating this, but AMD probably should have enforced 2 GB framebuffers as all modern games tend to pass 1GB fairly easily these days. Now there will be 1GB and 2GB versions of this product series, but the 1GB models are the ones being promoted. With the Club3D 13 Series Radeon HD 7790 you'll be gaming quite smooth at a monitor up-to 1600x1200, and that's with the latest games available whilst applying good image quality settings as well. Throttle down on image quality settings a bit and then 1920x1080/1200 is viable as a playable resolutions as well.

We have very little negative to say or comment on the Club3D 13 Series Radeon HD 7790, these are nice value for money type cards. If simplicity and a cheaper price is what you are after, then have a peek at the Club3D 13 Series Radeon HD 7790 as it offers nice value. Obviously if you would opt to purchase BioShock Infinite then be on the lookout for their Black series cards, as for the extra 15 bucks you will be able to receive a free copy of BioShock Infinite with a purchase of a new AMD Radeon HD 7790 graphics card.

Great Value Award

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