22-Sep-11 // Club 3D SenseVision products reviewed at www.xataka.com in Spain

XatakaClub 3D introduced SenseVision as new products that put extra monitors at every USB port. We have tested those nice products.

SenseVision Adapter are designed to make it easy to use an extra monitor with either desktop or laptop and for jobs where we can take advantage of this. The demand for this kind of solutions is more common than it seems. SenseVision products solve the problem that we normally have using a laptop: you only have one extra monitor output and extra vga devices you can only put into desktops.

SenseVision graphics adapters with HDMI or DVI needs simple USB ports. We have tested both solutions and the result was entirely satisfactory. A simple way to add monitors. With the promise of adding up to six computer monitors with the existing USB ports - Mac monitors would only  be able to have 4 monitors in total - we set out to test the Sensevision graphics adapters.


There are two models available, one that takes an HDMI output  and the other does the same but with a DVI output. The USB ports must be at least standard USB 2.0 ( products are compatible with USB 3.0 and 1.1 as well but in the second case the performance may not be ideal).  The SenseVision products have a mini USB connection with adapter cable included in the package.

With laptops the number of USB ports may be limited and you can run those devices with USB hubs but we do not recommend to use it that way. The adapters are quite small, not heavy and they do not heat up excessively. Its passive cooling operation is appreciated because it does not make noise.

To use them we just have to install the appropriate drivers that comes on the included CD. A download from the website of Club 3D is as well possible. We tried both Mac and Windows (Vista and 7) and only had problems with the newly upgraded computer with Lion OS on the Mac, although there are drivers for the manufacturer's website.

ConnectorThe resolution that we received on external displays is 1080p and can do clone and extened mode. In addition, adapters are compatible with Aero and its animations and Mac Spaces. Regarding the HDMI model is compatible with HDMI 1.3 specification which assures smooth operation of both audio output and video.

If you plan to expand the capabilities of your desktop or laptop with a Sensevision solution, both models cost the same: 65 euros.

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