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eTeknix final thoughts:

When I’ve seen the preliminary results for CrossFire setups in AMD press conferences, I’ve sometimes been a little skeptical that the results that I would see on the test bench would be as good as AMD claim they would be. Surfice to say, I have been totally wowed by what I’ve seen today with near perfect two times scaling across the board, not only showing the power of CrossFire, but also that when it comes to it, you don’t need to spend mega bucks to get top end performance. As mentioned in the results, the big boasting point for this setup and one that I have to really shout about is the fact that this ~£240 GPU setup took on and beat a GTX Titan worth over three times the price in Dirt Showdown. Ok so that particular game is biased towards AMD anyway but what ever way you look at it, this is still an almighty result.

Radeon HD 7790 crossfire setup

I’ve spoken many times before that you don’t always have to spend the mega bucks to get top end performance and also by going for a dual-GPU setup you can also spread the cost of your purchase a little. Given the fact that this is still essentially an entry level class of card, but one that also offers a highly affordable price point and level of performance that will impress, getting two and sticking them together to give a top level of performance seems to me to be a bit of a no-brainer.

The other advantage of going CrossFire as we know is that you don’t have to buy both cards at the same time, if you want to spread the cost, get one card now, enjoy the cost benefits and then a few months down the line, get another and reap the power for GPU performance scaling to slingshot the performance to the next level.

Bottom line, it goes to show that you don’t have to necessarily spend mega bucks to get mega performance and having a pair of entry class cards take on the top end performers and in some cases beat them to the top sure means that these are worth every penny for what is on offer.

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