05-Nov-12 // HardWare Legend tests the Club 3D Radeon HD 7850 royalQueen

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HW Legend 

Good quality mainstream graphic cards like the Club 3D Radeon HD 7850 royalQueen 1GB are very important for the sales departments of these companies. They are introducing gaming for users that don't want to spend a fortune on their computer.
This is the Pitcairn GPU's main goal, it gives the possibility to assemble an affordable gaming pc offering good performance, with an eye on reducing energy consumption and operating quietly.


The Club 3D HD 7850 1GB royalQueen is characterized by a custom matt black heatsink which contrasts with the red colored PCB.
The graphics used on the heat sink and the colors used for the PCB / Heatsink give the card a gritty and winning look.
The heatsink belongs to the Club3D CoolStream series, a series specifically designed to ensure the best thermal dissipation and the lowest noise production.


During several hours of testing, there were no malfunctions or problems of any kind, a sign of good stable hardware and drivers, even under daily overclocking.
It is a pity there's not much margin in the practice of overclocking, especially for the memory segment. 
These video cards are very flexible and a limit as marked as the one we are experiencing, or not being able to push the memory beyond their factory settings, takes out some of the fun of overclocking. 
But that does not take anything away from the stability and good performance of the card, in the context for which it was designed.

the system

The Club 3D HD 7850 1GB royalQueen is available at an average price of about € 160 including taxes, a price certainly appropriate to the features and services offered.
We would like to see proposals for a bundle of two cards for multiGPU systems being available at a lower price.


- Good performance
- General layout of the card, neat and clean
- Good quality components used 
- Minimal noise during use
- Excellent technologies supported
- Low operating temperatures
- Low energy Consumption


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