10-Jan-13 // 2 awards in Overclock3D's Best of 2012

Starting 2013 with a positive look at 2012, with thanks to Overclock3D:

Overclock3D Best of 2012

Club 3D Radeon HD 7950 royalKingClub3D HD7950 Royal King

Graphics cards are always a tight category and we often tend to prefer ones that just rock up out of the box and blow our socks off. This year though we had two cards that overclocked to the nines, and the best was the Club 3D Royal King HD7950. Coming in at HD7950 money, but with the ability to overclock to GTX680 levels, it is impossible to ignore.

Best of 2012 - Gold

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Club3D HD7850 Royal Queen

Club 3D Radeon HD 7850 royalQueenBack to earth, and to a card that is priced within the reach of us mere mortals, the Club3D HD7850 Royal Queen gave a hint at what we'd see from their HD7950. A decent card out of the box, with the overclock in place it was staggeringly good, able to munch through anything you throw at it. 

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