12-Apr-11 // Metku Bronze award on the GeForce GTX 550Ti Coolstream OC

Metku conclusion;

More than anything else the GTX 550 Ti is bridging the gap, Nvidia didn't have anything to directly compete with the AMD HD5770 and now they do. In fact they made such a close competitor to the said card it's impossible to choose between these two cards based on the performance alone. This means that the card is a good newcomer to the budget gaming market, but also that it definitely isn't the most exciting new GPU launch we've seen lately.Really the success or lack of it depends on the pricing of the cards, if you keep your eyes open it's possible to get more performance for the same money, but if the GTX 550 Ti suits your budget, just go for it. The Coolstream edition packs a custom cooler design and plenty of overclocking headroom.

Metku review here

Product page Club 3D GTX 550Ti CoolStream OC Edition

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