13-Dec-12 // The Club 3D GeForce GTX 660Ti royalQueen gets a Gold award with Best Buy of HW Legend

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HW Legend Club 3D GeForce GTX 660Ti royalQueen

Club 3D is a very dynamic and growing company. It offers a vast list of products , such as graphics cards, based on both AMD and Nvidia. The Club 3D GTX 660 Ti royalQueen 2GB, object of our review, as the name suggests, adopts a Nvidia GPU , assisted by a very interesting custom heatsink performance. The new technologies introduced by GPUs Nvidia Kepler have made it very easy to overclock the video card leaving the end user the pleasure of playing with the awareness that one's vga, will always try to provide the best possible performance according to the design specifications.

The Club 3D  GTX 660 Ti royalQueen2GB is distributed with operating frequencies by Nvidia reference and this, during our tests, surprised us a little , because the vga is equipped with an excellent dissipation system that allows the manufacturer to dare higher overclock frequencies. Aesthetically, the card is very aggressive thanks to the dual-fan heat sink and the black / green look, precisely identifies that it is a Nvidia GPU.


After removing the heatsink of the video card, we did not find any particular surprises. The PCB has the reference design from Nvidia and the excellent care is evident when looking at the assembly of all components. What immediately catches the eye is the adoption of discrete quality components, such as the solid capacitors made in Japan. The custom heatsink belongs to the CoolStream series, and is able to offer very commendable performance. Despite several hours of use, testing and many hours spent playing, the heat sink has always provided low temperatures and low noise. Even under daily-use overclock, the heatsink acted in an excellent way, showing no sign of decrease in basic operating frequencies and those in overclock.

The tests have yielded results confirming our expectations, high performance and high stability of operation. The vga at our disposal has reached a stable frequency of 1070 MHz on the GPU (Boost 1228.1 MHz) and 7.008MHz on memory, values well above the specifications of the components used. In this condition we set, as a precaution, the fans at their maximum speed "80%", but we can assure you, having tested, that the system dissipating is so efficient, that even at these frequencies, it performs its task without problems, with the fan set automatically. Clearly we are talking about maximum overclock that is not recommended for daily-use. In some specific tests we touched the 1.090MHz frequency for the GPU and the 7.200MHz for the memory. We are fully satisfied with the behaviour of the Club 3D GTX 660 Ti royalQueen 2GB.

The video card is available at an average price of € 245 including VAT, this price is justified by the technical characteristics and the characteristic performance offered by this product.

Gold - Best Buy

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