HDMI to USB C 4K60Hz Active Adapter M/F

HDMI to USB C 4K60Hz Active Adapter M/F

The Club 3D CAC-1332 is an HDMI™ to USB C Active adapter which allows you to transmit an HDMI™ Signal into a USB C DisplayPort supported Display.This product supports resolutions of up to [email protected]. This adapter is Uni-Directional it only works from an HDMI™ Source device to an USB C DisplayPort supported display. It is equipped with an USB micro USB to supply power, the maximum power needed is 5V/1A.

Note: This adapter will only work on USB Type-C Displays that are self powered !

Please use one of our extension cables to connect from the adapter to your devices - such as the CAC-1522 or the CAC-1535 - you can find more information at www.club-3d.com or contact us at [email protected].

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