HDMI to VGA Cable M/M 2m/6.56ft 28AWG

HDMI to VGA Cable M/M 2m/6.56ft 28AWG

The Club 3D CAC-1712  HDMI™ to VGA Cable M/M 2m/6.56ft 28AWG links any HDMI™-equipped desktop, laptop or adapter to a monitor, display, beamer or projector with a 15-pin VGA Female port. Ideal for at home or work, the cable creates a reliable connection for anything from gaming to video projection and supports up to Full HD 1080p(max. resolution of  1920 x 1080).
It also provides a 3.5 mm Jack for sound, which is not standard on the VGA port. A Micro USB port is also provide for External Power.
This quality HDMI™ to VGA cable provides superior performance thanks to the combined effect of its Gold plated connectors and 28 AWG conductors. Internal shielding provides reduced crosstalk, suppresses noise, and helps prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).
Experience a reliable, high-quality connection with this convenient HDMI™ to VGA 2m/6.56ft cable. 

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