25-Jul-12 // PC Welt reviews the Radeon HD 7750 royalQueen

PC Welt

Radeon HD 7750 royalQueenThe Club 3D Radeon HD 7750 Royal Queen is a passively cooled graphics card that is ideal for use in the living room PCs or quiet workstations. Plus, you get through the current-generation graphics chip, all modern technologies such as AMD Eyefinity or Powertune, multi-monitor support is also not a problem. The price is right at around 108 euros which makes it economical, quiet and offers solid performance. The fact that you get with the HD 7750 is no gaming graphics card in this case, you should be informed. For a cozy little game with casual games is not a problem, for power gamers it is preferrable to go to a higher end card.

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