26-Jul-11 // VR ZONE rates 9/10 on the CSP-S600




Club 3D is a renowned graphics card manufacturer well known among enthusiasts, who recently diversified towards the power supply market. A few weeks ago we had a look on one of their most powerful power supplies, the CSP-X1000CB, which is aimed towards hardcore enthusiasts and professionals with powerful systems. Today we are going to test and review the CSP-S600 power supply, a significantly simpler product aiming towards the mainstream market.



Here is our conclusion on the CSP-S600

Quality (30% of the total score)

The quality of the Club 3D CSP-S600 power supply is good, although we do believe there are several points which can be improved. On one hand, it is based on a highly popular and proven mainstream level design and is manufactured with very high quality components. On the other hand however, its filtering stage could have been better and the quality of the soldering job and the assembly itself can certainly be improved. It is not by any means bad but nothing more than mediocre, even considering this to be a mainstream power supply. This power supply comes with a 2 year long manufacturer’s warranty. Quality Score 8.0/10

Performance (40% of the total score)

The overall performance of the Club 3D CSP-S600 power supply is surprisingly good, always considering the market focus and class of the power supply. It delivered great electrical and acoustics performance, while its thermal performance is to be envied by many much more prestigious and expensive products. For people who want a balanced overall performance for their casual office and home PC, the CSP-S600 would be an excellent choice.Performance Score 9.5/10

Value (20% of the total score)

Much like with most of their power supply products, Club 3D is trying hard to keep the value of their units very high. The CSP-S600 is no exception, being very aggressively priced at about 60€ (or 85$ USD/105$ SGD) at the time of this review and by being perhaps the only power supply in this price range with a serious bundle. It could make use of a longer manufacturer’s warranty but two years are a long enough time.Value Score 9.5/10

Aesthetics (10% of the total score)

Although the Club 3D CSP-S600 power supply is a mainstream and aggressively priced product, the company did an effort to improve its aesthetics. By a couple of simple additions, such as installing a yellow colored fan and a careful cable sleeving job, the company succeeded into making the CSP-S600 a device which will not go unnoticed.Aesthetics Score 9.0/10


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