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Since 1997, Club 3D with their head office in The Netherlands, has been offering solutions for the audio video market through a wide range of partners and distributors. Club 3D is well known in the IT market for the production and sales of Video Graphic Adapters (GPUs) from SIS to AMD to S3 to nVidia. We have an extensive knowledge and progressive understanding of the video, gaming and visual market. Today, Club 3D is a company with a clear vision to accessorize your pc-system/notebook/tablet. We offer a wide range of high quality connectivity products, such as adapters, cables, docking stations, (MST) hubs. It is our goal to expand towards supporting your connectivity needs to optimize the use of your pc-system/notebook/tablet and its visual capacity. 

About us

Products from Club3D

We offer a wide range of connectivity products, apart from serving B2B solutions we also offer a wide range of solutions for consumers. All products from Club3D are high quality and have a long life with a very attractive price.

- Universal Docking Stations: We offer a wide variety of Universal Docking Stations for notebooks, tablets and mobile phones. Varying from Desktop models with a huge amount of connection for (Home) Office use, to ultra slim portable dockings, very well suited for your (business) travels.

- MST (Multi Stream Transport) Hubs: MST Hubs allow you to send multiple individual video signals thru a single DisplayPort (supported) output and distribute that to the connected screens. This is a very cost effective manner to make optimal use of your existing System Graphics, because it allows you to connect more screens without the need to invest in additional Graphics Cards.

- Universal USB Graphics: The easiest way to add an extra screen when your pc-system/notebook/tablet does not have support for it. You just need a free USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port and that is all to make it work.

- Cables and Adapters: Whether you want to build Video Wall solutions or for simply wanting to connect your old PC to a new screen with an HDMI connector, Club3D has the solutions for it. These products are produced with our B2B partners in mind and are also well suited for professional use.  

Why Us

Why Us

We have Technological Experience
With our company growing and constantly evolving we offer a comprehensive range of technological experience. It is our mission to offer the best solutions to our partners while keeping up with the latest technological advances.

We Listen: We make every decision based on you; your needs, your company.

We like to solve Problems: We are always up for challenge. We like to figure out how things work, and how to make them better. Let us do the job for you!

We make it Simple: Technology can be intimidating. We are all about making it Easy and Understandable for you.

With our Head Office in The Netherlands and sales offices in Germany and Canada, we provide superb logistics with same day delivery of receiving your order. We hold stock for our partners in the centre of Europe.

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