Club 3D 25 Years 1997-2022

Club 3D 25 Years 1997-2022

About us

Active since 1997, Club 3D creates Superior Quality products for Video, Data, and Gaming. Be it a TV, Laptop, PC, Console, or Phone Club 3D can fulfill your needs.
With carefully selected products, at Club 3D we not only provide Superior Quality but also we are always looking for solutions that give us a competitive edge.
With a focus on cables, adapters, docking stations and MST hubs, Club 3D offers a wide range of certified solutions in connectivity for business or at home.
From our head office in The Netherlands and sales offices in Germany, Italy, Japan, and Canada we can serve our partners with flexibility and benefit from a profitable partnership. We offer you support through the support-desk and our users web-forum. There is no question unanswered.
Utilizing the knowledge of the past and looking into the future, great solutions are yet to be revealed by Club 3D. 

About us

Products from Club3D

We offer a wide range of connectivity products, we listen to the market and we offer future proof products. Our innovation stems from understanding technology and exceeding expectations.

Our catalogue comprises a wide range of products such as:

Universal Docking Stations: Our range of USB docking stations deliver future proof connectivity and adapt your mobile devices
to the functionality of a desktop computer. It allows to connect to your external drives, screens, audio, ethernet and other devices in a seamless manner to boost your productivity and efficiency. This is a quick and easy way to set up your work place or home office, just Plug and Play.

Video Splitters and MST (Multi Stream Transport) Hubs: Work and Play Better with multiple monitors. When you connect more displays to your computer you spend less time flipping through files, programs and emails looking for what you want to see. With a video splitter or an MST Hub you can extend a single display video source to multiple ports, providing you the raw power of your existing graphics instead of relying on an unique external graphic solution.

Cables: The connection speed and the quality of devices in areas such as multimedia, stereo, gaming and Ultra High Definition TV depend on the quality of the cables. Get more from your device and create more flexibility with our cable solutions. We have a wide range of cables to support your audio video needs from extension cables to connecting cables.

Adapters: Do you need to connect a TV and your device does not support the connector? Our adapters are available in different forms: active adapters, passive adapters, legacy adapters or gender changers. DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 or USB C latest adapters, we are constantly improving to offer the best quality adapters to exceed your current and future needs. In our continuous effort to improve our products, we strive to a complete Environmentally friendly packaging for our cables and adapters family.

Why Us

Why Us

We have Technological Experience: With our company growing and constantly evolving we offer a comprehensive range of technological experience. It is our mission to offer the best solutions to our partners while keeping up with the latest technological advances.

We Listen: We make every decision based on you; your needs, your company.
We like to solve Problems: We are always up for challenge. We like to figure out how things work, and how to make them better. Let us do the job for you!

We make it Simple: Technology can be intimidating. We are all about making it Easy and Understandable for you.

Offices: With our Head Office in The Netherlands and sales offices in Germany, Italy and Canada, we provide superb logistics with same day delivery of receiving your order. We hold stock for our partners in the centre of Europe.

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