Club3D USB 3.0 Ultra Smart Docking Station Review
Club3D USB 3.0 Ultra Smart Docking Station Review

Club3D USB 3.0 Ultra Smart Docking Station Review


Having a laptop is great for oh so many reasons, but when you get home after your travels or a long day at work, you don’t want to reconnect every single of your external devices manually again, at least I don’t. Not only that, if you run Windows as operating system and don’t connect them to the same ports again, Windows will search and ‘reinstall’ all devices before they become available. All that is a pain, but luckily it can easily be avoided by the use of a docking station. Most manufacturer of laptops also provide docking stations, but they do have the downside that they’re both expensive and that they’ll only work for a very limited number of devices – so if you switch brand, you’ll also need to invest in a new docking station. The Club3D docking station that I had a look at today solves all this with ease and at the same time, it brings more advantages through its unique design.

The Club3D SenseVision Laptop USB 3.0 Ultra Smart Docking Station provides plenty of USB 3.0 ports for storage and peripherals, Gigabit Ethernet for better and faster network connectivity, external dual-monitor support via three different ports, and headset/audio connectors as well as a card reader, and all that through a single USB 3.0 connection to your laptop. The unique long design allows you to put the docking station below the laptop itself for a more space saving setup where it also helps your usage by angling the laptop for better typing and aids the laptops cooling abilities with the added clearance for the bottom air vents and fans inside the laptop.

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